Version 12.04 - January 16, 2017

v12.04.0 release contains continued improvements for new features introduced in v12.01.0 as well as additional bug fixes. Support for 250OK delivery reporting is now available.  Additionally, the ability to Label items into organized groups has been added for some features.

12.04.0 - 1/13/2017

New Features

  • 250OK Integration for Deliverability Testing
  • Labels: Ability to create organizational labels and assign to items.  Currently supported in Lists, Templates, Articles, Campaigns, Forms, and Preference Sites


  • List Attributes:
    • On List Edit, save all changes at once
    • Convert tags in Marketing Automation Campaigns
  • Exclusion URLs: Do not show delete system defined exclusions
  • Custom Report: Do not allow users to Add or Edit Definition
  • Advanced Segmentation: Change Zip Code Range single in statement
  • Account Profiles
    • Allow set in each Deploy Action of Automation Campaign
    • HTTP API: acctProAddField add max field error message
    • HTTP API: Remove version tag from XML output
    • HTTP API: Improve error message in acctProUpdateProfile call
    • HTTP API: Change success message for acctProUpdateValues
    • HTTP API: Change returned data on success on acctProUpdateProfile call
    • HTTP API: Add output format options
    • HTTP API: acctProAddProfile change to unique name failure message
  • Automation Builder: Apply updated style guide
  • Import: Archive import files
  • Creative Library:
    • Allow configuration of image upload destination
    • Add link to original Template Library
  • Forms:
    • Allow button styling
    • Add 'Time to autoclose' option for confirmation message
    • Security improvements


  • Automation Labels: Prevent Duplicates in Phases, Types & Categories
  • Campaign Overview: Prevent duplicated text in Best/Worst Performing
  • Relational: Deleting a field can fail if data truncation when updating Audit
  • Publishing: Using Google Analytics with $ in name of Template causes failure
  • Nway: Sampling with 0 Subscribers fails silently
  • Edit Account: Change does not save, no error displayed in UI
  • Account Profiles
    • Selected profile not applied when workflow is used
    • HTTP API: acctProAddProfile error lets you create profiles with blank names
    • HTTP API: Problem w/ error message in acctProUpdateValues
    • HTTP API: Spacing error in acctProUpdateValues success message
  • List Attributes
    • HTTP API: listattrgetvalues output_format error
    • HTTP API: listattrgetnames output_format error
  • Webservices API:
    • Error updating user custom fields with null or blank
    • Custom Fields Error in APISubscriberHandler
  • Menu: Hide Deliverability Events when not enabled
  • Omniture:
    • Remove Remarketing Segment file resolution from configuration data
    • Remove Client/Realm resolution from the configuration data.
  • List Definition: Created List has Definition's Modified Date
  • Lists:
    • Date does not reflect realm timezone
    • Date appears as today if NULL in database
  • Password:
    • Reset: Refreshes to Login Screen
    • Expiration: Password Pop-Up Remains After Update
    • Expiration Pop-Up: Popup does not display on Angular pages
    • Expiration Pop-Up: Doesn't extend across screen
  • Standard Segmentation:
    • No results found for Tracking ID not equals
    • Research Date Part Not Equals returns unexpected results
  • Forms:
    • Tabs in builder not working correctly
    • Links on page not working correctly after form is closed


  • HTTP API: Add note about case sensitivity
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