Version 12.05 - February 2, 2017

v12.05.0 release contains bug fixes and feature improvements. In addition, UI improvements are beginning to roll out and are available in the Users list page.  

12.05.0 - 2/2/2017

New Features

  • HTTP API: Add command deletesubid to delete subscriber using subscriber_id


  • Account Profiles: Sort by Profile Name on page load
    • Add ability to set list-unsubscribe settings in createlist
    • Improved customfieldcreate error messaging
    • Save template snapshot in newly created campaign record when sending to list with sticky campaign
    • Add column uniqueclicks to show_campaign_stats results
    • Add force_sub to subandsend
    • Add Folder support to updateseg
    • Support verbose in schedule_deployment
    • Allow unsub command to unsubscribe multiple subscribers
  • Forms: text color in paragraph component
  • Labels:
    • Change UI to allow editing via clicking Name
    • Add pagination to Labels Management tabs
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Show number of Delivery reports available
  • Users:
    • Update UI and add pagination to list
    • Add columns for Employee, Super User and PLA
  • Video Library: Update to include more details in new List page


  • Account Profiles: Support sorting in tables
  • Advanced Segmentation: Zip code Range Distance calculation timing out
    • Do not require folder_id in createarticle
    • schedule_deployment should report failure when using Super List
    • schedule_deployment fails with no details if missing template or list
  • Automation: Error publishing in Customer Key realm
  • Automation Overview:
    • No data displayed if range is over the same single day
    • Export reflects all automation, not selected campaign data
  • Layouts: red editing guidelines saved into template layout
  • Forms: StickyBanners outside of app functionality/style
  • Publishing: Campaigns fail with relational segmentation
  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Account Profile drop down not selected
  • Standard Segmentation: Items move slowly when dragged to workspace
  • View Users: Account listbox does not display for PLA users if no users exist


12.05.1 - 2/6/2017


  • Articles: Cannot add more than one to schedule

12.05.2 - 2/8/2017


  • Dashboard: Open Rate Incorrect
  • Notification: Password Reset mail not customized

12.05.3 - 2/13/2017


  • Standard Segmentation: Rules with Tracking Events return more than expected

12.05.4 - 2/23/2017


  • FTP API: Smartsubscribe Import issue on child realms with deliverability
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