Version 12.07 - March 23, 2017

v12.07.0 release contains bug fixes and feature improvements.  The new UI for Lists, List Definitions, list of Templates, Articles, File and Media Managers has been released with several corrections.

12.07.0 - 3/23/2017

New Features

  • FTP API: Smart Unsubscribe - large batch, quick processing unsub/opt out by email address only.  This feature mimics the UI Opt Out Wizard, allowing you to unsubscribe a large number of subscribers by email address only, and is not supported in Customer Key realms.


  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Display From and Reply-to address after List selected
  • Security: Improve password encryption
  • Realm Edit: Allow only Employee to edit Realm Name
    • Command scheduledeploymentreturncount validate missing fields
    • Command createabdefinition validate for missing From address
  • Campaign Overview:
    • Remove Best and Worst Campaigns sections
    • Improve numbers when sent is 0
  • Dashboard: Remove Summary data charts
  • Template Preview: Do not display "Subscriber not found" by default
  • Campaign Details: Add 250OK/ReturnPath Delivery section


  • View Campaigns: Divide by zero error occurring in angular page
  • Subscriber Search: Delete button on search page not working in non CK realms
  • Templates: Do not allow slash in Template Name when create, rename, copy
  • View Campaigns: Date filter start date changed when end date set
  • HTTP API: scheduledeploymentreturncount should support new schedule_deployment arguments
  • Advanced Segmentation: Relational Table type join returns incorrect results


12.07.1 - 3/24/2017


  • Templates: Allow special characters in name on save
  • Forms: Allow special characters in body fields
  • File/Media Manager: Add note in page about character restrictions

12.07.2 - 3/29/2017


  • Edit List: Cannot save with <> in Address fields

12.07.3 - 4/4/2017


  • Database Performance improvement
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