Version 12.08 - April 18, 2017

v12.08.0 release contains bug fixes in the new UI pages and feature improvements, including security updates for permissions.

12.08.0 - 4/18/2017


  • FTP API:
    • Add Account Profiles to launch
    • SmartUnsubscribe create optout record even if there is no subscription to the list
  • HTTP API: Add Account Profiles to launch
  • WebService API: Add Account Profiles to launch
  • Automation Overview: Improve interface
  • Campaign Details: Display if campaign is sticky
  • Dashboard: Improve interface
  • List Edit: If Sticky enabled, hide ability to remove Sticky option
  • Security: Improve security for permissions in new pages


  • Articles:
    • Folder drop down does not work
    • WYSIWYG view should not be default
    • Refresh does not reflect deleted version
    • Delete button does not work to delete version
    • Label does not save
    • WYSIWYG do not add document HTML tags around content
  • Automation Overview: Change activity graph to 7 days
  • Campaign Overview: Activity Overview does not match date range
  • File / Media Manager:
    • Fix allowed character list
    • Display error if save with unsupported file type
    • File can't be uploaded unless a folder is created
  • List Report: Round percent to two decimals
  • Sticky List: Do not copy campaign id when copying a sticky list
  • Schedule A/B Campaign: Update Subscriber Count Zero when mailing A/B test
  • Template
    • Import: Fix Relative URLs box doesn't work
    • Copy does not respond if special characters in Angular
    • Closing editor returns to bin instead of new version of Template list
  • Users:
    • Reset Password yields incorrect landing page in IE 11
    • Correct display issues in 1080p resolution
  • Workflow:
    • Scheduled Campaigns do not store email labels or account profile
    • Account profile values not working in list addressing when workflow is used


  • FTP API: Update Relational documentation

12.08.1 - 4/19/2017


  • Dashboard: Link name and tooltip misspelling
  • Layouts: Copy Layout creates copy of wrong layout

12.08.2 - 4/21/2017


  • HTTP API: Allow subandsend to create two subscribers
  • HTTP API: Do not require &data with subandsend
  • Campaign Details: Email Overview does not send email

12.08.3 - 4/24/2017


  • Realm Edit: Do not allow blank name
  • Realm Edit: Allow Super Admin to edit name
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