Version 12.09 - May 3, 2017

v12.09.0 release contains bug fixes.

12.09.0 - 5/03/2017


  • Account Profiles: Add ID to list
  • Automation: Change name to remove 'Marketing'
  • Campaign Overview:
    • Split Campaign Phase, Type, Category, Profile filter into multiple-filters
    • Add campaign sent date filter


  • Article Version:
    • Edit Delete button does not respond
    • Add new opens parent article on SAVE
  • Campaigns List: Campaigns Deployed with Campaign Name do not show Subject
  • Dashboard: Email sent for week count does not match
  • Lists: Cannot copy existing list
  • List Edit:
    • Validation for List-Unsub fields missing in Angular
    • Validate for invalid Bounce from default Account settings
  • List Search: Resturn results
  • Menu: Hide Custom Forms for users who do not have permission
  • Preference Site: Ignore Account level global opt out option
  • Realm Edit: Validate Default Bounce Address
  • Theme Editor: Cannot create theme with same name in two different realms
  • Security: Validate for invalid strings

12.09.1 - 5/04/2017


  • PLA cannot impersonate child realms

12.09.2 - 5/04/2017


  • Automation campaign action using 'within' timing creates incorrect run time

12.09.3 - 5/08/2017


  • Articles: Format saved as csv instead of Plain text or HTML
  • Dashboard: Include API sends in email sent counts
  • Marketing Overview: Include API Send counts in Total Sent
  • New UI: Do not save from one realm to another

12.09.4 - 5/09/2017


  • Campaigns List: Subject line does not display until Open/Click tracking occurs

12.09.5 - 5/12/2017


  • Remove Account Conflict Detected Error
  • Lists:
    • List-Unsubscribe does not allow using Unsub tag in HTML field
    • List-Unsubscribe does not allow using default values
  • Custom Forms: Error When Deploying
  • View Users: PLA can see Users from other Accounts
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