Version 12.10 - June 8, 2017

v12.10.0 release contains bug fixes, several reporting overview improvements, as well as preparation for new report Overview pages, 250ok Design Informant, and SMS support.

12.10.0 - 6/08/2017


  • Reporting:
    • Automation Overview: Include API sent in Total Sent
    • Dashboard: Include API sent in Total Sent
    • Campaign Overview: Display Campaign Start Date in table at bottom of page
    • Campaigns List: Add filter for [sticky/nonsticky/api/all]
  • HTTP API: Campaigns save snapshot to wrong location preventing links from working
  • Articles: Format choice wording is unclear


  • Deploy Campaign: List change ignored after clicking Back, then changing, then clicking Next
  • Standard Segmentation:
    • Date rules using hours unexpectedly
    • Conversion Tracking using invalid column
  • File/Media Manager: Error message thrown when uploading good file after bad
  • Lists
    • List Attributes: URLs pulled into links are not being tracked
    • List Attributes: Giving error message "HTTP 404 Not Found"
    • Smart List: Update count on Lists page doesn't work for Smart Lists
    • List Search: Cannot access search
  • Scheduled Event Report: Data different than when report is run manually
  • Campaigns List:
    • Sticky campaigns in sticky realm do not show actual start date/time
    • HTTP API one off sends do not show Subject in Campaigns list
  • Campaign Overview: Delivered numbers not displayed in charts
  • Campaign Details: Email Overview To Me button not working
  • Security:
    • Media/File Manager: Display security error in correct formatting
    • Automation Campaign: Validate for security in Actions
    • List Edit: Add security validation for text fields
  • Articles:
    • Page refresh not reflecting deleted version
    • Delete All selected on Versions page throws error
  • Realm Create: is sticky displays twice
  • Publishing:
    • Failure with relational segment
    • Built in Date tag not displaying time set at realm level
  • Account Profiles: Buttons missing on Account Profiles page
  • Automation Campaign:
    • Error deleting copied campaign
    • Error activating copied campaign
    • Automation does not convert tags in GA definitions
  • Permissions
    • Templates: Admins no longer have full access to list of templates page
    • Update access errors for various pages and user permission levels
    • Give List Managers and Monitors access to File Manager


12.10.1 - 6/09/2017


  • Media Manager: Cannot upload file
  • New Accounts: Use new sticky campaigns by default
  • Make all realms use New Sticky account option

12.10.2 - 6/12/2017


  • Permissions: List Manager cannot edit list

12.10.3 - 6/15/2017


  • Permissions: Allow Monitors access to Campaign Details page
  • Permissions: Allow Editors access to Campaign Details page

12.10.4 - 6/16/2017


  • Revert option to make all realms use New Sticky account
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