Version 12.11 - June 29, 2017

v12.11.0 release contains bug fixes, several reporting overview improvements, as well as preparation for new report Overview pages, 250ok Design Informant, and SMS support.

12.11.0 - 6/29/2017


  • Schedule Campaign Deployment: Add ability to set Labels
  • View Campaigns: Change Type listbox option 'Normal' to 'All'
  • Logo Update
  • Campaign Details: Add API sent, click and delivery information
  • Custom Forms: Rename to Sign Up Form Builder
  • Automation Campaign: Address UI consistency issues
  • Automation Definition: Address UI consistency issues
  • Media Manager: Add Upload size limit


  • Lists: Correct duplicate validation error
  • Lists/List Definitions: Cannot save changes to list
  • Lists: Unable to replace an existing default template
  • Lists: Copy feature not accepting valid names
  • Lists: List Matrix HTML is broken
  • List Definition: Angular column spacing issue
  • List Edit: Improve illegal string error message
  • Lists & List Defintions: Cannot set multiple labels in Angular
  • Sync Lists: Returns to bin version of page instead of angular
  • Sync Lists: Do not overwrite campaign if Sticky Campaign enabled and deployed
  • Schedule: TIme Zone no longer shows EDT but -04:00 now.
  • Subscription Form Wizard: Subscribed when Captcha is removed
  • File-Manager: FTP Manual Send Does Not Work
  • Test List: Disable access to Test List for Account with Deployment Prevention
  • Deploy Campaign: Labels are not stored
  • Overview: Activity radio buttons do not use full date range
  • Overview Pages: Fix Alignment UI Issues
  • View Campaigns: Angular version of page
  • View Campaigns: "Up to 500 most recent" option no longer works in campaigns list page
  • View Campaigns: Sort Date column by newest first
  • View Campaigns: Does not display Subject Line
  • View Campaigns: Does not display Campaign Alias/Name
  • View Campaigns: Change Type 'Marketing' to 'Deployed'
  • View Campaigns: Type ALL does not included Automation
  • View Campaigns: Angular UI formatting issues
  • Campaign Details: Blank data causes report failure
  • Campaign Details: Click-Through Data Report returns to blank page on Cancel
  • Omniture: URL with STOP tag is missing ampersand
  • Omniture: URL with STOP tag and slashes does not resolve
  • Permissions: Give Editors & Monitors access to Campaign Overview Deployed page
  • Permissions: Editor role unable to use Media Manager
  • Templates: Correct duplicate validation error
  • Articles: Correct duplicate validation error
  • Labels: Angular UI Formatting issues
  • HTTP API: Send does not set Account Profile to display in Campaign Overview


12.11.1 - 6/30/2017


  • Campaign Details: Remove API split tiles until tracking changes complete

12.11.2 - 7/06/2017


  • Event Wizard: Improve performance
  • Event Wizard: Return all events selected in filter

12.11.3 - 7/26/2017


  • Campaign Summaries: Improve data queries to ensure numbers match in Overview and Details
  • View Campaigns: Open newest version of Campaign Details
  • File Manager: Allow Editor Permission access
  • Event Wizard: Report data in correct columns if Specific URLs included in output
  • Campaign Report Wizard: Do not attempt to create HTML version if not selected

12.11.4 - 7/28/2017


  • Event Wizard: Bounce events report wrong Event Date

12.11.5 - 8/10/2017


  • View Campaigns: Page timeout in realms with over 500 campaigns
  • View Campaigns: Filter box non-functional
  • View Campaigns: Setting list in Campaigns page doesn't refresh campaigns

12.11.6 - 8/17/2017


  • Creative Library: Unable to update custom theme HTML
  • Event Wizard: Custom data missing for Bounce Events

12.11.7 - 9/05/2017

New Features

  • SMS: New Feature Release Limited


  • Create Realm: Track Sends is not enabled for child realm created by PLA
  • Create Realm is NOT installing all SProcs
  • Campaign Details: Unsub and Bounce numbers don't match expected
  • Announcement: Automation Overview data getting pushed off page
  • Announcement: Banner sitting behind Automation Campaign elements
  • Announcement: Edit User buttons getting pushed off page
  • Announcements: Text is covered by side bar in Segmentation
  • Announcement: Cannot deploy campaign while banner displayed

12.11.8 - 9/20/2017


  • Deploy Wizard: Red error on SEND causes duplicate send

12.11.9 - 9/21/2017


  • Deploy Wizard: Red error on SEND causes duplicate send
  • Overview: Add on-screen help

12.11.10 - 10/19/2017


  • Event Wizard & Scheduled Event Wizard: Does not return open, click, delivery events prior to July 2017
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