Segmenting Based On Email Engagement

Tracking data can be easily selected by searching for the field, or clicking the arrow above the list of fields located to the left of the segmentation canvas.Screen_Shot_2021-01-05_at_4.39.17_PM.png

Based on the type of data in your custom field (number, date, string) different comparison tools will become available in the segmentation canvas. Let’s take a look at an example of an email engagement rule and a date rule together.

When we change from Contact fields, we can see the fields available to us related to email tracking, for our example we will combine both a Tracking Event Type and Tracking Event Date, grouping them together to limit the type to a specific date range.


We will drag the Tracking Event Type to the segmentation canvas, and from the dropdown select “Open Message


Once we have added and selected this we will drag the Tracking Event Date selector on top of our Tracking Event Type rule in the segmentation canvas, this will group the rules together and provide us the option to link the two rules with an AND, OR, or NOT, to build even more complex rules through inclusion or exclusion.


Because we want to group these rules together, we will select AND, giving us all contacts who have opened a message AND had the Open occur in the specified time period as described below.

As we are working with a date field now, we can see the choices available to us for comparison are now relative to dates, allowing us to compare those values accordingly.


Here we will select “Days Before” to target all contacts who have opened a message in the last 30 days.

After selecting this comparison we can click the calendar to select a date. The WhatCounts segmentation tool allows us the ability to select a specific date or, dynamically select a window of time based on the time of deployment. Here by selecting Today we are telling the platform to use the date of the email deployment as opposed to a specific date, which you can easily select by clicking the corresponding day on the calendar.


The final step is keying in the 30 to complete the logical statement Days Before Today and Tracking Event Date Is Less Than Or Equal to 30.

Your final segmentation rule should appear similar to the following


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