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State data is not provided by WhatCounts.  If a contact does not have a state data in their profile, they will not be included in the Segment.

Pro Tip:

Make all data consistent.  Double check how data is being stored in a particular field by doing a Contact Export. For example, the state field can store up to four characters, so to target Georgia Contacts,  should your Segmentation Rule use GA or Geor?  A Contact Export will help answer that question.

To target Contacts with no value, use both “Equals” [nothing] and “Is Null” conditions in your Segmentation Rule. This will cover contacts who once had a value that was blanked out, as well as the Contacts who never had a value in that field.

How we can help:  

If you do not have State or other geographic data for your contacts please contact your Customer Success Manager and they can work with you to append this data to your email records via our 3rd party solution providers.

How to Set up:

Since State field is a standard field in the contact table, you do not need to create a custom field for this data.


  • Create a specific Segmentation rule for all states by clicking “Add” on the Segmentation Page
  • Click on Gear Button in the upper left to add the Rule Properties
  • Segmentation Name = The name of state (ex: Florida, New York)
  • Segmentation Description = Contacts located in (State)
  • For this we will create as many Segmentation Rules as needed for targeting purposes
  • Save all Segments under the Geographic Segmentation Folder



  • Select “Contacts” table by clicking the arrow


  • Drag “State” field onto the canvas
  • Select “Equals” as the operator field
  • Text = GA or Geor depending on how your data is formatted (See Pro-tip.)


  • Save
  • Repeat for each state
  • Make a Segmentation Rule for contacts that do not have a state in their profile as well so you can target those contacts differently.  The Operator field should be “Is Null” and another Condition should be added for “Equals” blank. (See Pro Tip)


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