How can I pull a list of all opt outs in our Realm?

The Event Wizard can be used to pull opt outs, but individual contact tracking events are only stored for 18 months.  In addition, these are Contact events, so they would not include Admin or other non-Contact generated opt outs.   If you need all Contacts who are currently opted out -- regardless of source -- use the 'Opt Outs' report available in the Standard Report Library.

Here's how to run that report:

  1. Go to Reports > Generate Report > Standard Report Library
  2. Press RUN next to the 'Opt Outs' report.
  3. Enter a date range. (If you need to pull opt outs from the entire time you have been using the system, enter a date like "1/1/2000" as the 'From' and leave the 'To' field blank.)
  4. Select a List from the List Name drop-down, or choose "All Opt Outs".
  5. Proceed through the rest of the wizard.
  6. When your report is complete, you will receive an email.
  7. Your file can be found in the Reports folder of the File Manager.

Opt Out files can be quite large, so please be patient as the file is generated. The resulting file will include the following columns:

  • List Name
  • List ID
  • Email
  • Event Date
  • Source (of the opt out)
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