Version 12.12 - September 28, 2017

v12.12.0 release includes many bug fixes and improvements in preparation for the yearly release freeze.  Included in this release are many changes to the new Overview reporting pages, a BETA version of our Dashboard overhaul, and several improvements to the Creative Library Layout Editor and new SMS feature.

12.12.0 - 9/28/2017

New Features

  • Dashboard Redesign in BETA


  • Reporting
    • Campaign Details: Add tile reports for API numbers, show only if API sends exist
    • Campaign Details: Remove Hourly chart
    • Email Overview: Update to current style and formatting
    • Email Overview: Add Unique Clicks
  • Reporting, Overview Pages:
    • Do NOT include the Super list campaign boss in reporting
    • Sort Campaigns by campaign_start_date desc by default
    • Add pagination to Campaigns list at bottom of page
    • Do not link Zero counts
    • Update Tool Tips on hover
    • Link SENT column counts to Campaign Details page
    • Remove labels column and filter
    • Automation Overview: Format Rates on Automation Overview page to 2 decimal points
    • Automation Overview: Modify which campaigns display in UI and included in export
    • Deploy Overview : Go against daily_campaign_summary totals in date range
    • Sticky Campaign: Parent child creation through UI but not api
  • Creative Library, Layout Editor:
    • Edit options when hovering over existing Layout
    • Add Account Profiles and List Attributes to Template Tags menu
    • Change minimum pixel height required for color picker
    • Default to Link Type to URL
    • Module edit bars should only be visible on hover
    • Relocate Done button to be included in toolbar
    • Add preference sites to Special Links section of Template Tags menu
    • Add Preview functionality
    • Delete "Remove Format" button from toolbar
    • Increase width of canvas to full-width
    • Only show editable module while editing
    • Remove module highlighter
    • Replace Tags icon in toolbar
    • Image Properties - Specify Media Manager folder
    • Return to list of Layouts after Cancel or Back
  • Custom Fields: Warn on Delete
  • Custom Forms:
    • Rename to Sign Up Form Builder
    • Enable in New realms by default
  • File Manager / Media Manager
    • Sort files by date
    • Sort folders with folders and files with files
  • SMS:
    • Add logging to client enpoint calls
    • Add Preset Endpoint Tester
    • Add Send Test Message functionality
    • Add validation to the Add messages - unique name
    • Add validation to the groups - unique names
    • Add Task History messages for FTP API imports
    • Create custom preset message endpoint builder
    • Implement Labels in Messages


  • Deploy Wizard: Cannot deploy campaign while Password Expired banner displayed
  • Security:
    • API Setup: Disable API does not prevent use
    • History: API License Key exposed
    • History: API Encrypted Password exposed
  • Articles: Pagination page number box accepts decimals
  • Schedule: Time Zone not displayed correctly
  • Reportings:
    • Campaign Details: Charts do not show expected info if API numbers for campaign, split api
    • Campaign Details: Daily charts Delivered calculations are wrong
    • Campaign Details: Do not link List Name if List no longer exists
    • Delivered Detail: Does not report expected subscribers
  • Creative Library, Layout Editor:
    • Ckeditor plugin dialog content alignment is off
    • Color change and custom font break code
    • Copied layout thumbnail does not display properly
  • Custom Forms:
    • 405 Error on save
    • Paragraph Font Size drop down different size from other controls
    • Text off edge in drop down action box
    • Dropdown component not throwing correct OWASP error
    • Formatted text is triggering error
    • Remove references to Beta
  • Design Informant Wizard: Rename Previous button to Back
  • Event Report Wizard:
    • Missing sent events for campaigns sent prior to message_api_id addition
    • Automation unsubscribes look like duplicate data
    • Automation campaigns use different List IDs depending on report method
  • Lists
    • List Attributes: Cannot enter HTML to create urls and links
    • List Attributes: Validate for blank Name
    • List Definitions: Pagination page number box accepts decimals
    • List Overview: Timeout on page load
    • Pagination page number box accepts decimals
    • 'Show More Details' List Type is missing
  • List Campaigns:
    • Add Automation Sent Column
    • Disable button for Super lists
    • Display Campaign Alias or Campaign Name
    • Format UI issues
  • File / Media Manager:
    • Date Range box calendar popups not working
    • Pagination page number box accepts decimals
    • Do not include BACK button in sort
  • Permissions:
    • Hide File Manager menu for Editor
    • Automation: Display error message Categories, Phases, Types
    • Display permissions error for automation campaign builder
    • Articles: Do not throw error when article is edited by Editor
  • Favicon: Standardize favicon image on login/password update pages
  • Reporting, Overview:
    • API: Bounce Tool tip shows different numbers
    • API: Error Unable to find resource
    • API: Export does not include all data
    • API: Export saves file name as undefined
    • API: Opens and Clicks tiles are not filled
    • Deployed: API sent count is incorrect
    • Deployed: Index Out of Bounds, data does not load in page
    • Deployed: Missing Sticky and API column in export
    • Deployed Overview: Pieces Sent in chart shows more than expected
    • Sticky: Export does not include all data
    • Sticky: Export saves file name as undefined
    • Sticky: Remove Phase, Category, Type columns
  • Quick Reports: Change queries to get data from split tables
  • Create/Edit Realm:
    • Remove API CC option
    • Validate Name for Invalid Characters
  • Schedule Event Wizard: by Campaign includes events without Campaign ID
  • SMS: Name running off of Delete Message modal
  • Standard Report Wizard:
    • Engagement Counts: "Inactive" column incorrectly showing 0s
    • Campaigns result list needs formatting
  • Segmentation: Unable to save segmentation error message
  • Subscriber Edit: Events tab has link to old campaign details page
  • Preview Template: Line breaks in Plain Text are not retained
  • Templates: Pagination page number box accepts decimals
  • UI: cannot be cast error being thrown
  • Validation: Do not allow invalid characters in List, Article, Template name
  • Video Library: Pagination page number box accepts decimals
  • View Campaigns: Initial Workflow campaigns are not hidden


12.12.1 - 9/29/2017


  • HTTP API: rpt_tracking_events and rpt_tracking_events_by_campaign error if incorrectly define events


12.12.2 - 9/29/2017


  • HTTP API: rpt_tracking_events and rpt_tracking_events_by_campaign do not return Customer Key in realms with option enabled
  • HTTP API: rpt_tracking_events and rpt_tracking_events_by_campaign return all Bounce events instead of just the one specified
  • View Campaigns: Newest campaigns are not displayed in realm with > 15000 campaigns
  • Templates: In realms with special characters in Media Manager folders, cannot click HTML tab to edit (NOTE: Special Characters should not appear in Folder or File names in Media Manager, and are no longer allowed as of r12.0.0)

12.12.3 - 10/02/2017


  • Campaign Details: Error if NULL in daily_campaign_summary API Sent for campaigns prior to 2017
  • Media Manager: Users with multiple permission levels cannot access

12.12.4 - 10/05/2017


  • Subscriber Details: Event tab empty in some realms
  • Event Report Wizard: Subscribe events are not included when reporting By Event Date
  • Creative Library, Layout Editor: Modal buttons disabled after validation error

12.12.5 - 10/19/2017


  • Event Wizard & Scheduled Event Wizard: Does not return open, click, delivery events prior to July 2017
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