Version 12.14 - November 2, 2017

v12.14.0 release is the last release of the year.  It includes BETA features including several reporting wizards and a new Campaign Search page.  Also included in this release are several improvements to the SMS feature and other bug fixes.

12.14.0 - 11/2/2017

New Features

  • Campaign Report BETA
  • Schedule Campaign Report Wizard BETA
  • Event Wizard BETA
  • Schedule Event Wizard BETA
  • Campaign Search BETA


  • Automation Campaign: Add pagination to list page
  • Layouts: Clicking EDIT shows only single module
  • Deploy Wizard BETA:
    • Hide Mailing Type options when Email/SMS is selected
    • Add Social Deployment
  • Overview Reports:
    • List Overview: Remove Best & Worst sections
    • API Overview: Display Full Alias/Name on mouseover
    • Deployed Overview: Display Full Alias/Name on mouseover
    • Sticky Overview: Add API counts to chart and table statistics
    • Sticky Overview: Display Full Alias/Name on mouseover
    • Sticky Overview: Link to Parent Campaign
  • Publishing:
    • Improve publishing order
    • Send Admin messages out through a configurable Admin Messages VMTA
  • SMS:
    • API and Import should create a new subscription record per group if phone already exists
    • Created Date should be the only date column in the campaigns tab
    • Add count to SMS Group UI
    • Assign shortcode/long number to a preset message
    • Create mulitple keywords for a single preset message
    • Implement required keyword support for SMS Presets
    • Enforce one-to-one relationship between an email subscriber and SMS subscriber
    • Add associated sms_subscriber phone to subscriber page 'User Information' tab
    • Add SMS Events Tab to subscriber details page
  • View Campaigns: Display full name on mouseover


  • Announcements: Does not re-display after clearing cache
  • FTP API: Relational Import with non-existent subscriber fails rest of file
  • Articles: ID column sorting alphabetically rather than numerically
  • Creative Library:
    • "Error Occured" due to case sensitive name check
    • Preview has space at bottom
    • Layout Editor: Remove image button from layout module editor
  • Deploy Wizard: Cannot set Mailing Type to A/B Test or Automation
  • Lists: Selecting Delete will apply to all pages
  • Campaign Details: "Email Overview to me" reports wrong click rate
  • Event Details Pages: CSRF Undefined clicking Subscriber to open Subscriber Edit page
  • Overview Pages:
    • Cannot right click on Delivered/Open/Click/Bounces
    • CSRF Undefined for Delivered/Open/Click/Bounce columns
    • API Overview: Remove phase/category/type/profile filter from top of page
    • SMS Overview: Page not properly pulling data for messages with multiple parts
  • SMS:
    • Top of Import Subscribers page cut-off
    •  import not working correctly
  • Subscriber Details: Events do not display in Event tab if large number in db
  • Template Editor: Preview window does not show full length of content
  • Tracking Rollup: Invalid retention value causes all data to be archived

12.14.1 - 11/7/2017


  • Tracking Rollup: Error in archive
  • Subscriber Details: Events do not display in Events tab
  • HTTP API: Timeout on rpt_tracked_events command
  • Standard Report Library: Campaign Statistics Report returning invalid data
  • SMS: Inbound messages don't process without configured auto default response 

12.14.2 - 11/8/2017


  • SMS: Multipart campaigns missing task id
  • SMS: Allow responses to all inbound phone numbers whether they are subscribed or not
  • SMS Overview: New campaigns with multiple messages are not displayed

12.14.3 - 12/3/2017


  • SMS: Multiple messages sent if phone number imported with different formats
  • Admin Tools: Various updates for tracking 

12.14.4 - 12/7/2017


  • SMS: Remove subscription in addition to creating unsub for STOP keyword
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