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  • Updated: Nov 9, 2017
  • Audience: WhatCounts' User
  • Version: 1.0

Recently we have made improvements to how email campaigns are deployed through the platform. To access the new tool, select Deploy Wizard from the Tasks heading in the navigation menu

Task Roadmap

  1. Create Email Campaign
  2. Advanced Settings
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Deployment

Preparing To Use The Feature

  • Before using the deploy wizard, you should already have your email lists and associated segmentation rules already created.
  • Testing your HTML content prior to deployment is an essential step. Be sure you have tested and previewed any dynamic content prior to scheduling or launching a new campaign.

Create Email Campaign

The first screen for the Deploy Wizard will step walk you through the type of campaign deployment to be scheduled. For this example, we will select a normal email campaign. You can also use the wizard for deployments of A/B Tests and Automations.


Once you have defined the type of campaign to be deployed (in this example: email / normal), the next heading allows you to schedule when to start sending the campaign.

You are provided with an option to send immediately, or schedule any time in the future. Note that date and times are specific to the timezone specified in your Realm.


Once you have completed these steps, click the blue Next button at the bottom of the page to select the remaining campaign details.


From this screen it is also possible to select the email Phase, Category, and/or Type descriptors to allow comparative reporting in the Campaign Overview through our Email Reporting Labels feature.  Adding these selections is optional and not required to deploy the campaign.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings heading allows you the ability to apply a Seed List or Suppression List to your campaign, limit the total number of emails sent, or activate Data Macros.


Google Analytics

If you have Google Analytics enabled on your Realm, you can confirm or change the UTM parameter settings for the campaign. This is helpful if you want to override the default settings for one individual email deployment.



The final screen allows you to confirm that all the settings for your email campaign are correct. This will be the final confirmation screen prior to email deployment, so it is important to confirm the selections here are correct.

Once confirmed, click the blue button to deploy and your email will be scheduled for deployment at the time selected.



**Released in v12.15

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