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  • Updated: Nov 28, 2017
  • Audience: WhatCounts' User
  • Version: 1.0

Recently WhatCounts made improvements to the campaign search tool allowing for faster and easier access of historical campaign reports in the platform. To access the new tool, select Campaign Search from the Reports heading in the Navigation Menu.

Task Roadmap

  1. Search By Keyword
  2. Search By Date
  3. Filtering Options

Search By Keyword

Keyword Search allows you the ability to search campaign details for a specific word or phrase to make finding the desired campaigns easier.

When clicking the drop-down menu for Keyword Search, note the ability to search within Campaign ID, Campaign Name, List Name, Subject Line, and Template Name, or any combination of these attributes.

Search By Date

You can specify a start and end date to display only campaigns within a specified period of time as a part of Campaign Search.

Filtering Options

In addition to searching by Keyword and Date the Campaign Search tool provides a few extra filtering options.


This allows the ability to group by the types of campaign deployed, Deployed Campaigns, Automation Campaigns, API deployments, and Sticky Campaigns can be grouped out individually if desired.

Minimum Sent

This provides the ability to suppress campaigns where the total number of emails sent is below a specified threshold. Many users find this helpful for preventing test emails, and other smaller sends from appearing in search results.

# of Results

By default, Campaign Search will display the top 100 matching campaigns that meet your search criteria. You may increase or decrease the number depending on the desired output. Note for larger campaign searches, results may take longer to display.

Show Zero Sent

By default, Campaign Search will suppress any campaigns that resulted in zero recipients, click to enable the checkbox to have these displayed in search results.


**Released in v12.15

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