Menus Overview

The Menus are displayed in logical groupings based on data relations and work process. A list of what features can be accessed from each menu is available by selecting the person icon, then going to CUSTOMER SUPPORT > SITE GUIDE.


The major features are grouped into the following main menus:

  • Lists
  • Content
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Reports
  • Lifecycle
  • Customer Menu (person icon)

Dashboard Home

The WhatCounts image is located on the far left of the Menu bar.  It links to the main reporting Dashboard, which allows you to view statistics for the last ten campaigns.


The Lists menu includes all features that relate to your contact lists and how these lists are adapted for specific campaigns. The Lists menu features are:

  • Lists: Create, Copy, Edit, Delete, and Compare lists of contact emails.
  • Segmentation: Create, Copy, Edit, and Delete standard, advanced, event based, and n-way segmentation rules to limit which contacts are sent a message when a campaign is deployed.
  • Suppression: Create, Edit, and Delete lists of contact email addresses to suppress from a list when a campaign is deployed.


The Content menu provides access to features related to the content of the message you send your contacts. The Content menu features are:

  • Templates: Create, Copy, Edit, Delete, Preview, and Analyze content templates for your campaign messages.
  • Articles: Create, Copy, Edit, Delete, and Preview article content that can be included in templates.
  • Polls: Create, Edit, and Delete one question polls to include in your message or on a web site.
  • Manage Folders: Create, Edit, and Delete folders to sort your content.
  • Media Manager: and upload files to share with your contacts.  


The Contacts menu includes features relating to the contacts in your lists, allowing you to manage the contacts, custom data, subscriptions, and provides a method for contacts to manage their own subscriptions.  The Contacts menu features are:

  • Contact Management: Search for and Create contacts, Import and add contacts to lists, Export lists, and remove contacts from lists.
  • Subscription Form Wizard: Create forms to allow people to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists.
  • Custom Fields: Create, Edit, and Delete custom fields to store additional data for contacts.
  • Set Data Macros: Create, Edit, and Delete macros to set data for each contact when a campaign is sent.
  • Preference Sites: Create, Edit, and Delete sites to allow people to subscribe to or unsubscribe from lists, as well as manage their information and subscriptions.  This feature is meant to be used instead of Profile Management and Subscription Management forms.
  • Profile Manager: Create a form to allow contacts to manage their information and subscriptions.  


The Tasks menu allows users to view the tasks that are currently running in the realm, as well as deploy campaigns and schedule reports.  The Tasks menu features are:

  • View Tasks: View the campaigns or reports currently running or scheduled to run in the next 24 hours.
  • Schedule Tasks: Schedule a campaign, report, or contact export to run at some time in the future, once or on a recurring basis.
  • Campaigns: Test a list and message content or deploy campaigns to contacts. You can also create Remarketing campaigns to reach contacts based on previous campaigns.
  • A/B Tests: Define, Deploy, and View active A/B list split campaigns, then send the remainder the winning sample.
  • Deliverability Events: If your realm is able to seed lists and generate email previews, a history of these events is displayed, as well as the ability to run or purchase additional events.  


The Reports menu provides the tools to generate several reports and manage event tracking. The Reports menu features are:

  • View Campaigns: View the details of campaigns and campaign activity of the realm.
  • Generate Report: Create reports using one of the report wizards or custom reports defined for your realm.
  • File Manager: Access the resulting files generated from your reports.
  • Quick Reports: View summary details for several frequently reviewed statistics.
  • Event Tracking: Define URL exclusions and names, PowerURLs, and special event macros.

Customer Menu

The Customer Menu is located under the person icon. It contains features that allow you to setup users and get help using the platform.  The Customer Menu features are:

  • My Profile: Adjust your user settings, change your email address or password.
  • Customer Support: Access the Site Guide which includes links to each feature without the need to search the menus, access our Learning Center through the Customer Community, and get help from the Technical Support team by submitting the Request Support form.
  • User Management: Create, edit, delete realm users, groups, and aliases. This is for Realm Administrators only.
  • Realm Management: Adjust your realm settings and view details about your realm.  This is for Realm Administrators only.
  • API Management: Set up your API settings and get your API password. This is for Realm Administrators only.  
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