Create Super List

A Super List is a collection of Normal Lists.  It allows you to deploy a Campaign to more than one Normal List at the same time.

To Create a Super List

  1. Go to LISTS > VIEW LISTS and click Add List.  This will display the Add List page.
  2. Enter the List Name.
  3. From  List Type select 'Super'.
  4. Click CREATE to save the List.  Click CANCEL to return to the Lists page without creating the List.
  5. In the Edit Super List page, select a default Template.
  6. Enter a Description.
  7. Enter an Admin Email address.  Errors running a campain will be forwarded to this address.
  8. If you have contacts that may be on several of the Member lists and want to send only one copy of the message to each contact, select 'De-dupe on send'. 
    NOTE: If you deploy a Super List and select to Seed the list, the Seed will send for every List in the Super List, regardless of the De-dupe option.
  9. Select an optional Folder to sort the Super List.
  10. From the Available Lists area, click to select one or more Lists to include in the Super List, then click the the button to move the lists to the right >>.
  11. If you have Lists in the Member Lists that you wish to remove, select the list then click the button to move the list back to the left <<.
  12. Click SAVE to save the settings of the Super List.  Click CANCEL to cancel the changes and return to the Lists page.  The Super List is already created, and will appear in the Lists page.


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