Delete List

Delete an existing List. 

To Delete a List

  1. Go to CONTENT > VIEW LISTS to view the list of Lists. 
  2. Click DELETE next to the List.
  3. Click YES to delete.

The popup will close and the Lists page will display.

To Delete a List from Edit List

  1. Go to LISTS > VIEW LISTS to view the Lists. 
  2. Click a List to open it in the Edit List page. 
  3. Click DELETE, then click YES to delete the list.  Click CANCEL to ignore changes and close the List.

The Edit List page will close and the Lists page will display.

WARNING: Deleting a Normal or Seed List will remove it and its associated properties from the database.  Deleting a Super List will not delete the lists associated to it.  If you have run campaigns from a list, the data will not be removed. Contacts are not deleted from the system but are no longer subscribed to the List.

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