A List Definition is a blueprint for creating new Normal Lists and deploying email within Lifecycle Campaigns.  List Definitions are similar to Normal Lists in that they control the properties necessary to send a Lifecycle Campaign.  However, contacts are not 'subscribed' to a List Definition with a subscription.  Instead, a Lifecycle Campaign uses the properties from the List Definition to send a new message to a batch of Contacts.

Accessing List Definitions

List Definitions are accessed from the Lists menu.  Go to LISTS > LIST DEFINITIONS to open the List Definitions page.

The List Definitions page shows all existing List Definitions.  It is the starting point to create a new List Definition, as well as to copy or edit existing List Definitions.  If you have assigned your List Definitions to Folders, you can view the list definitions in the folder by selecting it from the Folder listbox.

The List Definitions page displays the Name, Created Date and Modified Date for each List Definition.  You may sort the data in any of the columns by clicking the column header. The details displayed for each list include:


ID List Definition ID number


Click the name of the List Definition to access its properties.


Date the List Definition was created.


Date the List Definition was last updated.


Click COPY to create a copy of the List Definition and its properties.  Click DELETE to delete the List Definition. Click VEW LISTS to view all Lists that have been created from the List Definition.

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