Dynamic Address per Subscriber


If you send a campaign using a List, the From, Reply to, and Bounce Addresses are the same for every subscriber and every campaign sent from the list. Use Subscriber Data or Custom Fields in the List Properties to change the addresses based on the Subscriber when the campaign is deployed.

To use a Custom field in a List

  2. Click Add new custom field.
  3. Enter a Field Name.
  4. Set the Type to Text.
  5. Enter a Description.
  6. Click CREATE.
  7. Repeat as needed for each address.
  9. Click ADD LIST to add a new list.
  10. Enter a Name and then click CREATE.
  11. In the List Properties, use the Custom Field tag in the fields you would like to fill with the Subscriber's data: From address, Reply To address, and/or Bounce address, for example:

"%%$[FIELD_NAME_1]%%" <%%$[FIELD_NAME_2]%%> 

  1. Click SAVE to save the list.
  2. Import your subscribers and be sure to import data to the fields created for the addresses.

When you create the campaign, the publisher will find the value in the Custom Field for each subscriber and use that value in the address.  If the value is blank or improperly formated, the message may not be sent.

Address Field Options

You can use a single Custom Field or multiple Custom Fields to define the addresses.  If you only want a dynamic from address, you may have only one or two custom fields:

From without Decorative: %%$list_email%%

From with Decorative: "%%$list_decorative%%" <%%$list_email%%>

You may have several different Custom Fields to fill all the addresses:

From: "%%$from_decorative%%" <%%$from_email%%>

Reply to: "%%$reply_decorative%%" <%%$reply_email%%>

Bounce Address: %%$bounce_email%%

In order for a campaign to deploy, a From address is always required. If the Custom Field for the From address is not filled, and the From address is either blank or poorly formatted, the campaign will be created, but the affected subscriber may not receive a message.

NOTE: Campaigns using custom or fillin fields in the From Address do not support FTAF at this time, as FTAF requires a specifically defined From Address to send a message.

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