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If I deploy a campagin to a Super List and someone unsubscribes, are they unsubscribed from the Super List?


Using a Super List is an easy way to allow you to deploy more than one List at once.  Subscriptions are associated to the Members of the Super List and not to the Super List itself.    For that reason, if a contact unsubscribes from a campaign sent via Super List,  they will be unsubscribed from the specific Member List only. 

If you choose to deploy a Super List with Dedupe enabled, the contact's actions will be associated to the first Member List to which they are subscribed (by order of Member List creation date).  If they are subscribed to multiple Members Lists in the Super List, then the unsubscribe will be associated to the first Member of the Super List. 

If global optouts are enabled for your realm, or the Template uses a global optout link, then the contact will be removed from all Lists in the realm.

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