Article Tags

Article tags are used to output content from Articles into the main template message content.


The Article tag pulls in the specified content from an article into the template. It can be used in Plain Text, HTML, and Mobile content as well as in other Articles. The tag is formatted as follows:

%%article "name=NAME&type=TYPE"%%

The tag requires the Article NAME. The TYPE portion of the tag is optional.


Tag Output Example
%%article NAME%% Body content of article. %%article myarticle%%
%%article "name=NAME"%% Body content of article. %%article "name=myarticle"%%
%%article "name=NAME&type=body"%% Body content of article. %%article "name=myarticle&type=body"%%
%%article "name=NAME&type=title"%% Title of article. %%article "name=myarticle&type=title"%%
%%article "name=NAME&type=description"%% Description of article. %%article "name=myarticle&type=description"%%
%%article "name=NAME&type=deck"%% Deck of article. %%article "name=myarticle&type=deck"%%
%%article "name=NAME&type=callout"%% Callout from article. %%article "name=myarticle&type=callout"%%
%%article "name=NAME&type=author_name"%% Name of article author. %%article "name=myarticle&type=author_name"%%
%%article "name=NAME&type=author_email"%% Email of article author. %%article "name=myarticle&type=author_email"%%
%%article "name=NAME&type=author_bio"%% Biography of article author. %%article "name=myarticle&type=author_bio"%%
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