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Date tags include built-in tags to display the system date/time, as well as tags to display a custom Date field and its parts.

Builtin Date Tags

The builtin date tags allow you to display the exact Date and Time that your email message is sent, either as the full date or as date parts, such as Month or Hour. Builtin date tags can also be used with Evaluation tags to provide date calculations in your messages.

Each builtin date tag is displayed below with example results.


Tag Possible Values Output Example Results
%%$ mm/dd/yyyy Date Only 1/2/2015
%%$ mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm Date and Time 01/02/2015 2:47PM
%%$builtin.sqldatetime%% yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss Date in Standard SQL Format 2015-01-02 14:47:57
%%$builtin.year%% yyyy Year 2015
%%$builtin.month%% 1 to 12 Month 1
%%$builtin.month_padded%% 01 to 12 Month Padded 01
%%$builtin.monthname%% January - December Month Name January
%%$builtin.monthname_uc%% JANUARY - DECEMBER Month Name Upper Case JANUARY
%%$builtin.monthname_lc%% january - december Month Name Lower Case january
%%$builtin.monthname_short%% Jan - Dec Month Name Short Jan
%%$builtin.monthname_short_uc%% JAN - DEC Month Name Short Upper Case JAN
%%$builtin.monthname_short_lc%% jan - dec Month Name Short Lower Case jan
%%$ 1 to 31 Day 2
%%$builtin.day_padded%% 01 to 31 Day Padded 02
%%$builtin.weekday%% Sunday - Saturday Weekday Friday
%%$builtin.weekday_uc%% SUNDAY - SATURDAY Weekday Upper Case FRIDAY
%%$builtin.weekday_lc%% sunday - saturday Weekday Lower Case friday
%%$builtin.weekday_short%% Sun - Sat Weekday Short Fri
%%$builtin.weekday_short_uc%% SUN - SAT Weekday Short Upper Case FRI
%%$builtin.weekday_short_lc%% sun - sat Weekday Short Lower Case fri
%%$builtin.juliandate%%   Julian Date 2457024
%%$builtin.timezone%%   Time Zone PST
%%$builtin.hour%% 1 to 12 Hour 2
%%$builtin.hour_24%% 1 to 24 Hour 24 14
%%$builtin.minutes%% mm Minutes 47
%%$builtin.seconds%% ss Seconds 57
%%$builtin.AMPM%% AM or PM AM/PM PM

Date Part Tags

If you need to display or evaluate parts of Dates, you can add a date part parameter to the Tag. The date part parameter works with variable Dates set in the template, Contact Data, and Custom Data.  Each date part tag is displayed below with example results, where DATE is the name of the variable or data field.

Contact Data and Custom Data do not support the 'padded' date options. To create a padded version of a custom field, use the EVAL tag with formatdate as follows:

%%set format = "MM/dd/yyyy"%%

%%eval formatdate $format $DATE%%


Tag Possible Values Output Results
%%$DATE.year%% yyyy Year 2007
%%$DATE.month%% 1 to 12 Month 3
%%$DATE.month_padded%% 01 to 12 Month Padded 3
%%$DATE.monthname%% January - December Month Name March
%%$DATE.monthnameabbrev%% Jan - Dec Month Name Short Mar
%%$ 1 to 31 Day 9
%%$DATE.day_padded%% 01 to 31 Day Padded 9
%%$DATE.dayofweek%% Sunday - Saturday Weekday Thursday
%%$DATE.dayofweekabbrev%% Sun - Sat Weekday Short Thurs
%%$DATE.hour%% 1 to 12 Hour 11:00AM
%%$DATE.minute%% mm Minutes 0
%%$DATE.second%% ss Seconds 0
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