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Subscriber Data tags are used to pull data into your message from a Subscriber Record or Custom Data associated with a Subscriber. When a campaign is deployed, the tag is replaced with the data for the specific subscriber. If no data exists, the tag is replaced and appears blank.  The tags can be used in conjunction with template logic tags.  


The following table includes all Subscriber and Custom Data Tags.


Tag Alternate Output Results
%%$email%% %%EMAIL%% Subscriber Email Address john.doe@
%%EMAIL_ENCODED%%   Subscriber Email Address URL Encoded
%%$customer_key%%   Customer Key Unique Subscriber Identifier.  Only available on some systems. 11293
%%$first%% %%FIRST%% %%FIRST_NAME%% %%$first_name%% Subscriber First Name John
%%$last%% %%LAST%% %%LAST_NAME%% %%$last_name%% Subscriber Last Name Doe
%%$address_1%% %%ADDRESS_1%% %%$address%% Subscriber Address 1 123 Main Street
%%$address_2%% %%ADDRESS_2%% Subscriber Address 2 Suite 800
%%$city%% %%CITY%% Subscriber City Seattle
%%$state%% %%STATE%% Subscriber State WA
%%$zip%% %%ZIP%% Subscriber Postal/Zip Code 98104
%%$phone%% %%PHONE%% Subscriber Phone Number 206-555-1212
%%$fax%% %%FAX%% Subscriber Fax 206-555-2121
%%$country%% %%COUNTRY%% Subscriber Country US
%%$company%% %%COMPANY%% Subscriber Company My Company
%%$md5_email%%   Subscriber Email in MD5 (message digest) Encryption format *encrypted 32 character HEX string.  New to 9.11.0 release
%%$sha1_email%%   Subscriber Email in SHA1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) Encryption format *encrypted 40 character HEX string.  New to 9.11.0 release
%%$customFieldName%% %%$custom_ customFieldName%% Subscriber Custom Data, where "customFieldName" is the name of the field, for Example: %%$age%% %%$custom_age%% 65
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