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Analyze content to check for issues that might block your message.


SpamAssassin is a computer program used for e-mail spam filtering based on content-matching rules. It is generally regarded as one of the most effective spam filters, especially when used in combination with spam databases.   It includes a large set of rules which are applied to determine whether an email is spam or not. The software checks specific fields within the email header and the email body for certain regular expressions.  If these expressions match, the message is assigned a certain score, depending on the test, and several headers are added to the mail. SpamAssassin is a third party software tool implemented into the platform.  It allows you to scan your content prior to deploying your campaign.  It will determine if something in your message may trigger a spam filter and allow you to fix it before you send to your contacts.

A passing score does not mean your content will never be flagged as spam.  There are a wide variety of filtering tools used by mail servers across the internet.

Accessing Content Analysis

To scan your content for possible spam triggers:   1.  Go to CONTENT > ANALYZE CONTENT. 2.  Select the List you will use.  This allows the tool to create a mock header for scanning. 3.  Select the Template with the content you wish to test. 4.  Select the Format. 5.  Click SCAN MESSAGE.   The results will display in a new window with an example of how the content will look and the resulting score.

Deciphering Results

When the analysis is complete, the results page will display the name of the list and template, the format of the content, a preview of the message, and the result of the analysis.

The Result is a summary of whether or not the message will pass most content filters.  The Score is how the content rates against a common filter.  Each item that the filter finds adds to the score.  A lower score means the content is less likely to be caught by a spam filter.  A score of 5.0 or above means it is highly likely that the content will be marked as spam.  Most messages average 2.5 in the Content Analysis score.

The Analysis details what items in the message are likely to be caught.  HTML messages are more likely to score higher than plain-text, especially when there are hyperlinks with words such as 'click here', the entire message is made up of only images, or a large amount of text is in all caps.  The analysis will point out things that you can change in order to lower the spam score.

Definitions for test results are available on the Spam Assassin site at:

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