Define a Share Bar

The Share Bar allows you to include a section to the top of your message that is displayed only in the Browser version of your message and allows viewers to subscribe to your list or share the content on their Social Networks.


The Share Bar will appear when a contact clicks the Display Message link to view the message in a browser, or when a contact shares the content with their Social Networks.  The subscription form will automatically allow viewers to subscribe directly to the list from which the campaign was sent or posted.  The Share Bar also allows you to include social sharing links so anyone who views the content can also share it with their Social Networks. 

The Share Bar is visible to any contact who views the message in a browser or to any follower who clicks a message posted to a Social Network.

To Add a Share Bar to your Template

  1. Go to CONTENT > VIEW TEMPLATES to display the Templates page.
  2. Click Add New Template, or select a template to edit and display the Create / Edit Templates page.
  3. If a new template, enter a Name and Subject.
  4. Click the HTML tab to enter the content for your email message.
  5. Click ADD TAGS. The Template Tags popup will display.
  6. Click the Social Tags tab. 

If you want to include links to share your content with Social Networks, then define the following:

  1. Enter a Title for the message. By default, the Title will display the Subject line of the message.
  2. If you are including a LinkedIn link in your content, enter Summary and Source. Both fields are Required to post to LinkedIn, but may be unused for other sites.
  3. If you are including a Pinterest link in your content, enter the Media URL.  This is a URL to an image that will be posted to Pinterest.
  4. If you wish to share content other than that displayed in your template, you can enter a URL.  This allows you flexibility to share only a specific part of your content, or something completely different.
  5. Select one or more Social Network options: Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, Pinterest.
  6. Select the pixel size of the icon you would like displayed in your content: 16x16, 20x20, or 32x32
  1. Select the option "Include Subscription Form".  Include a Goto URL landing page for successful subscription and an Error URL landing page if an error occurs.
  2. If you would like to require verification of the person, select the option to "Use Captcha Image in Subscription Form".  Include an Error URL landing page if an error occurs and a Failure URL landing page if the entered code is invalid.
  3. Click GENERATE SHARE BAR. A full block of code is generated with the subscription form and any Social Network links.
  5. Either right click on the highlighted text and select COPY from the menu, or press the CTRL+c keys on the keyboard to copy the link.
  6. Paste the link in the desired location within the HTML content of your message.   Either right click in the Body field and select PASTE from the menu, or press the CTRL+v keys on the keyboard.  The Share Bar is most effective when pasted at the top of the <body> section of your content.
  7. Click CREATE or SAVE to save the template.

The subscription form code includes a Template Tag for the SLID, Special List ID.  When you deploy your campaign, this tag is converted to use the SLID of the list used by the campaign.  All subscriptions will be added to the List from which the campaign was sent.

When the contact receives the message, the Share Bar is not visible.  If the contact clicks a Display Message link, the Share Bar will appear at the top of the page in the browser window.  You may also include the Share Bar in your Mobile body content to display when a contact clicks a Display Mobile link.

If a contact shares your message with their Social Network(s), the Share Bar will appear in the posted message.  This allows their friends or followers to easily subscribe to your list and continue sharing the message with their friends or followers.

The Share Bar is not supported in the Plain Text content of your message.


Social Media Sharing tracked events are reported in several locations including the Campaign Details, Campaign Report Wizard, Event Wizard, and Scheduled Event Wizard. See Report Social Media Views for more information on reporting the Social Media events.

Subscribe events can be reported using the Event Wizard. To do this:

  1. Go to Reports > Generate Report > Event Wizard.
  2. Select to search by Event Date.
  3. Enter a From Date and click NEXT.
  4. Select any combination of Contact Data and the Subscribed Event Type, and click NEXT.
  5. Select a format to save the file and enter a Report Name, then click SUBMIT.
  6. When the report is complete, go to Reports > File Manager, and select the reports folder.
  7. Select the file to view the results.

A row of data will be included in the report for each separate contact's Subscribe event.

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