Folders allow you to manage Lists, Templates, and Articles. 


Folders are helpful if you have too many items to manage efficiently. For example, if you cannot find a specific template because you have so many, assign it to a folder then select to view only the items in that folder.

Four different Types of Folders can be created, each for items related to that specific functionality.

  • Articles
  • Lists
  • Segmentations
  • Templates

The same folder name may be used for one or all item types, though it is not actually storing the data in the same folder.

Accessing Folder Manager

The Folder Manager is accessed from the Content menu.  To access the Folder Manager, go to CONTENT > MANAGE FOLDERS.  This will open the Manage Folders page.

The Manage Folders page displays a list of existing folders by type.  From this page you can create a new Folder or sub Folder.  You may sort the data in any of the columns by clicking the column header.

The Manage Folders page lists the following details for each Folder:


Click the name of the Folder to edit the Name or Description.


A short description of the Folder displayed in parenthesis directly below the Name.


Options to Add a sub Folder or Delete the Folder.

Viewing Items by Folder

When you view the list of Templates, Articles, Segmentation Rules or Lists, the default displays all items in the realm.  To limit the display to only items assigned to a specific Folder, select the folder from the Folder listbox in the upper right corner of the page.  The page will refresh displaying only the items assigned to the selected Folder.  
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