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When I send a Plain Text email, the system is ignoring my formatting.  I have a list of items like this:  1. item 1  2. item 2  3. item 3  4. item 4  But when I receive the message, it looks like this.  Why is WhatCounts changing the formatting of my message? 1. item 1  2. item 2  3. item 3  4. item 4


This issue is related to the email client.  If the campaign is sent to another email client (like Yahoo or Hotmail for instance) the formatting should look the same as it was entered in the template.   Outlook 2002, 2003, and 2007 have a feature to remove extra line breaks in messages.  Microsoft discusses this issue in the following support topic:;EN-US;q287816   While this feature can be disabled by the user -- as detailed by Microsoft -- there is a way to set up the template to avoid this issue and eliminate the need for action on the part of the contact.   Wherever there is a listing of items in your template, insert two spaces before the item.  These spaces help Outlook understand that the text that follows is a new line and Outlook will not attempt to remove the line break.   This issue is discussed in detail on this website:

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