Single RSS Feed Entry

The basic use of the RSS Feed Tags is to include the most recent entry from the feed in your template content.

To include one RSS Feed entry

  1. Go to CONTENT > VIEW TEMPLATES to view the list of templates. 
  2. Click a Template to open it in the Edit Template page. 
  3. Click the format tab in which you wish to include the feed: Plain Text, HTML, Mobile.
  4. In the Template area, add the RSS Feed URL Definition Tag:

%%rssfeed url=[URL] name=[NAME]%% where [URL] is the URL to access the RSS feed, [NAME] is the identifier within your content.

  1. Add the RSS Feed Entry Tag:

%%rssobject [NAME].[ATTRIBUTE]%%

where [NAME] is the identifier within your content and [ATTRIBUTE]is which part of the feed to display.

  1. If the RSS Feed tag is in the Plain Text, then add ".striphtml" next to the [ATTRIBUTE].
  2. Click UPDATE to save any changes.

Plain Text Example

%%rssfeed url=http:// name=myfeed%%

%%rssobject myfeed.title.striphtml%%


%%rssobject myfeed.pubdate%%

%%rssobject myfeed.description.striphtml%%

HTML Article Example

%%rssfeed url=http:// name=myfeed%%

<p><a href="%%$rssobject"><b>%%$rssobject myfeed.title%%</b></a><br />

%%$rssobject myfeed.pubdate%%<br />

%%$rssobject myfeed.description%%<br />

%%$rssobject myfeed.content%%</p>

<img src="%%$rssobject myfeed.mediaimage%%" width="250px" /></p>*

*Image support added in v11.9.0

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