Media Manager

Use the Media Manager to host files and images in the Media Manager.

In many cases, you may have images or supplementary files for your email Campaigns.  These files may be hosted on your company servers.  If you don't have easy access to uploading the files you need to your company's website, you can host files using the Media Manager feature.

Accessing the Media Manager

The Media Manager is accessed from the Content menu.  Go CONTENT > MEDIA MANAGER.  This will open the Media Manager page.

The Media Manager displays a list of the files and folders hosted on the platform's server.  The Media Manager page lists the following details for each Folder or File:

File Type

An icon of the file type or folder.

File Name

Click the File or Folder name to view the file or open the folder.


The size of a file.


The date the file was uploaded.


Click the FTP icon if you would like to send the file to another location via FTP or SFTP. 


Click the Rename icon to rename a file or folder.  This will display a dialog where you can enter a new name.


Click the X to delete a file or folder.  You must delete all files from a folder before you can delete the folder itself.

Uploading Files

To upload files to the Media Manager:

  2. Click BROWSE to select files to upload.  The selected file will appear in the File Queue below.  You may select up to 10 files at one time for uploading.
  3. Click UPLOAD to upload the selected file(s).

Repeat this process if there are more files that need to be uploaded.

Accessing Files

To view the files in the Media Manager, click the name of the file in the list.  Some files cannot be viewed within the browser, and you will be prompted to save instead.

To download a file, right click the file and then select the save option.  A dialog box will appear allowing you to select a download location for the file.  For Macintosh users, refer to your browser’s Help documentation for information related to saving files.

Creating a Folder

Create folders to better manage files in the Media Manager.  To create a folder, enter a name into the Folder name text box and click the NEW folder icon.  To upload a file into the folder, first select the folder, then begin the upload process.

Using Files

After a file is uploaded, note the path at the top of the Media Manager.  You can use this path to access the file.  Include the URL to this file in your Template to display an image or a link to download a file.

For example, if your Realm Name is mystore and you used the Media Manager to upload a file called sale.gif.  You could use that image in a Template by inserting the following URL into an image tag:


Where [siteurl] is the URL to access your system. Check the top of the Media Manager page for the appropriate path to use.

To test a URL, paste it in the address bar of a browser and confirm that the image appears or the file is available for download.  Be aware that the Media Manager is case sensitive and the URL must match the exact case of the Folder and File names.

Case Sensitivity

The Media Manager is case sensitive for Folder and File names.  It is possible to have two Files or Folders with same name if the case is different, such as:

  • Test    AND
  • test    AND
  • TEST

It is recommended that you do not create Files or Folders with the same name, regardless of case, to prevent confusion later when accessing your Files.  

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