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Can I call images into a template that are customized for each contact?


Images can be called into a template dynamically to personalize an email on a per contact basis.  To do this, either save the full URL to the image or just the name of the uploaded image in a custom field for each contact.  To do this:

  1. Create a Custom Field of type TEXT.  Give the Custom Field a short name that will help identify it's purpose, such as 'image'.
  2. Import data into this field for each contact.  If the data field is blank or formatted improperly for any contact, then the image will not display as expected in the message.
  3. In your template, add your <img> tag.  Use the appropriate image tag below based on how you saved the data to the Custom Field where [URL_PATH] is the path to the image and [custom_field_name] is the name of your Custom Field.
    • Saved as full image path: <img src="%%$[custom_field_name]%%">
    • Save only image name: <img src="http://[URL_PATH]/%%$[custom_field_name]%%">
  4. When you deploy the campaign, the Custom Field tag will be filled with the data per contact, such as:  <img src="http://">
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