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We would like a Display Message link that will show the Plain Text version of our Template in a browser window.  What is the URL for that?


The Display Message link shows what is on the HTML tab for your Template in a browser window.  There isn't another link to pull from the Plain Text tab.  If you have a Plain Text only template, you can put mock "Plain Text" content on the HTML tab that will be used with a Display Message link. To do this, replicate the Plain Text content on the HTML tab of your Template.  Include HTML line breaks (<br> and <p> tags) as necessary.  You must include line breaks in HTML otherwise your text will appear as one big blob in the browser window. Next, include the normal Display Message link in the Plain Text portion of your Template, as follows:

  1. In version 8.0 and later:


  1. In versions before 8.0:


Where [siteURL] is the domain of your system.

Because the Display Message link is pulling it's content from the HTML tab, any changes to the Plain Text content must be replicated on the HTML tab.

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