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How do I show additional content in the “View in a browser window” page that may not appear in the original email message when a contact clicks a Display Message link?


Because the Display Message page is displayed in a Browser, you may want to include content in your Display Message that may not work or appear in an email client. This can include Javascript or Form logic that is stripped or flagged as spam by some email systems.

If you would like to include additional content in your Display Message page, do the following:

  1. Go to CONTENT > VIEW ARTICLES to display the Articles page.
  2. Click "Add Article" to create an article.
  3. Enter an Article Name.
  4. Enter the content you want to appear in your Display Message page in the Body. This may include a Form, such as a Poll, or Javascript.
  5. Click CREATE or SAVE.
  6. Go to CONTENT > VIEW TEMPLATES to display the Templates page.
  7. Click "Add new template" to create a template.
  8. Enter a Name and Subject.
  9. Enter your message content in the HTML tab.
  10. Add the Display Message tag to your content. (%%DISPLAY_MSG%%)
  11. In your message, determine where you want the extra content to appear in the Display Message page and include the following tags, where [article_name] is the name of your article:

%%if __VIEWMODE = "WEB" then includearticle "[article_name]"%%

  1. Click CREATE or SAVE to save the template.

You may include additional content in multiple places in your Display Message page by adding the includearticle tag in each place. You can reuse the same article in each instance, or create several different articles to include.

When a contact receives the email message, this special content will not appear in the email version of the HTML or Multipart MIME formatted message. However, when the contact clicks the Display Message link, the message defined in the HTML tab will display in a browser window, and the additional content will appear.

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