Adding Article Tag to Template

You can include Article content in your templates by using Article tags.  Articles also support the use of Template Logic (if/then).

To add an Article to a Template

There are several ways to call an Article or a portion of an Article into your Template content.

To call the Article Body into a Template

Use following tag to display the body of the Article in the Template:

%%article "[article_name]"%%

where [article_name] is the name of the article.  For example:

%%article "Contact Information"%%

Article names are case sensitive, so be sure to enter the name exactly.

To call an Article into a Template using Logic

If you want to include the article body only when a variable is equal to a specific value, then use code such as:

%%if [variable] = "1" then includearticle "[article_name]"%%

where [variable] is the name of your variable, and [article_name] is the name of the article.  For example:

%%if offer = "1" then includearticle "Special Offer"%%

Please note there is no space in includearticle.

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