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The Add Poll page allows you to name a Poll, define the Question, Answers, and other settings.

To create a Poll

  1. Go to CONTENT > VIEW POLLS and then click Add New Poll.  This will display the Add Poll page.
  2. In the Add Poll page, fill out the fields in the Question section of the form:
    • Poll Name:  Enter a descriptive name for the Poll.  This name may be seen by participants, so be sure to make it meaningful.
    • Question:  Enter the question you wish to address with the Poll.
    • Active:  Select Poll is Active to allow voters to participate in the Poll.
    • Anonymous: Select Anonymous entries are permitted to allow anyone to vote, both contacts and non-contact.  Multiple voting is allowed in this mode.  If this option is not selected, only contacts who have received access to the poll can vote, and each voter can only vote once.
    • Landing Page: Enter a URL to define the page voters see after submitting a vote.
    • Error Landing Page: Enter a URL to define the page voters see if there is an error after submitting a vote.
  3. Add up to ten poll options, or Choices, in the Answers section.
  4. In the Results section, define how you would like the poll results made available to your voters.
    • Result Template:  Select a template in which to render the Poll results.  If [No Template] is selected, the default template will be used.  See Customizing Poll Forms and Templates below for more information.
    • Result Image:  Enter a URL to an image with which you would like your Results bar chart constructed.  The default image is a blue, 1x1 pixel.  The selected image will be stretched when the results are displayed, so 1x1 pixel gifs are recommended.
    • Results Font:  Enter the name of a font to display the results text.  Multiple fonts can be entered by separating the names with a comma.  As with all web based fonts, be sure to enter at least one common font, such as Helvetica and Arial, in case the contact’s system cannot display your preferred font.
    • Max Pixel Width: Enter the maximum horizontal pixel width of the bars in the results chart.  The default is 100 pixels.  The minimum pixel size is 10.
    • Show Stats: Select Show Statistics to display the numerical results next to the chart.  When enabled, the results chart will include either the number of responses for that answer or it's percentage in relation to the whole.  
    • Result as %: Select Display results as percentages with Show Statistics to display the percentage of responses in relation to the whole.  This is especially useful if you expect a small number of responses.
  5. Click CREATE to save your work. Click CANCEL to return to the Polls list without saving the Poll.
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