Generate Poll Form

The platform can generate HTML code for your poll once it is created.  The Poll Wizard automatically creates the HTML for either an Email or Web-based Poll.

To generate a Poll

  1. Go to CONTENT > VIEW POLLS to view the list of polls.  
  2. Click the icon for the Poll from the Wizard column in the list.
  3. In the Poll Wizard, select the type of Poll code you need based on how your poll will be distributed to voters: Email or Web Page.  In order to use a poll on a web page, the Poll must be set to Anonymous.
  4. Click NEXT to generate the code.  The difference between the Email and Web Page options is in the form’s method attribute.  A poll distributed in an email message uses a form method of "GET", while a poll on a web page uses "POST".
  5. Click SELECT ALL to select the code, and then press CTRL+C on the keyboard to copy the code.  Paste the code into your email Template or add it to a webpage.

Warning:    Some email clients strip <FORM> code from email messages.  If this is the case, the recipient will not be able to submit a vote with the Poll.  To help alleviate this issue, use the Display Message feature to allow recipients to see a working version of the message and participate in the Poll. 

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