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You can customize the format of the Poll once you have placed the generated code into your web page or email Template.

Example Poll Form

An example Poll for the web may use the following code, where [siteURL] is the domain of your system, [method] is POST when used in a web page or GET when used in a Template, [poll_id] is the id number of the Poll, and [QUESTION] and [CHOICE] are the items defined in the Poll you created. 

<form action="http://[siteURL]/bin/poll" method="[method]"> <input type=hidden name="id" value="[poll_id]">   <table width=200 border=1>     <tr><td><P>[QUESTION]</td></tr>     <tr><td><P><input type=radio name="a" value="1">[CHOICE_1]</td></tr>     <tr><td><P><input type=radio name="a" value="2">[CHOICE_2]</td></tr>     <tr><td><P><input type=radio name="a" value="3">[CHOICE_3]</td></tr>     <tr><td align=center><input type=submit value="Enter"></td></tr>   </table> </form>  

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