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Before you can publish directly to your Social Networks, you must define your Social Providers.  This direct type of post is supported by Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  You may add multiple Provider accounts for each network. 

To define Social Providers

  1. Go to CUSTOMER CENTER > SOCIAL PROVIDERS to display the Social Providers page.
  2. Click ADD.
  3. Click the Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter button.
  4. For each network, a pop up will display allowing you to login, if you are not already, and authorize the system application.  If you have already authorized the application or created a provider, you will see no popup, and the Social Provider will display automatically.
    1. For Facebook, enter the account Email and Password, then click LOG IN.  When prompted to authorize the app, click GO TO APP, then click ALLOW.
    2. For LinkedIn, enter the account Email and Password, then click OK, I'LL ALLOW IT.
    3. For Twitter, enter the account Username or Email and Password, then click AUTHORIZE APP.   Twitter will attempt to redirect, but if there is a delay, you may click the link to continue.
  5. Once complete, the popup will close and your Social Provider account will display in the list in alphabetical order by Network and then account name.

You can remove an account by clicking DELETE next to the Social Provider entry.

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