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Create a template with special content for Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn

To add Social Only content to a Template

After you have defined your Social Providers, you can add the Social Only content to any existing template, or create a new template.  To add the Social Only content:

  1. Go to CONTENT > VIEW TEMPLATES to display the Templates page.
  2. Click AddNew Template, or select a template to edit and display the Create / Edit Templates page.
  3. If a new template, enter a Name and Subject.
  4. Click the HTML tab to enter the content that will display when a follower clicks the posted link.  This content may be the same content that you will send to List contacts, or you can create unique content for the Social Provider accounts.
  5. Click the Social tab.
  6. Each Social Network with a defined Provider account will display a text area in which you can define specific content.  The number of characters for each Network is limited.  The the text area will not allow you enter more characters than are available.  Some of the characters are immediately used for the shortened URL that will be added when then content is published.
  7. Once the HTML and Social content is defined, click CREATE or SAVE to save the template.

The Social Only content does not support the typical Template Tags, such as Contact Data and tags to insert articles, or Fillin Fields.

When you deploy your campaign, you will have an option to publish a Social Only campaign and post only to your networks, or deploy a normal campaign and include a post to your networks.  

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