Subscription Form Wizard

The platform provides a wizard where you can easily create forms and links to allow anyone to subscribe to lists or allow contacts to opt out or unsubscribe from lists.

The Subscription Form Wizard allows you to generate form code or links that you can share on your website or in the content you send to your contacts.  The links allow your viewers to either Subscribe to or Unsubscribe from one or more lists.   The Subscription Form also allows you to collect additional information about your Contact, such as name, address, and preferences. 

The forms and links you create are customizable.  For example, you can take the code for your Subscription Form and then add the option to subscribe to more than one list at a time, use listboxes to offer selections, or change the label of fields and buttons.

Accessing the Subscription Form Wizard

To access the Subscription Form Wizard, go to Contacts > Subscription Form Wizard.

From here you can choose to generate:

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