The platform allows you to set or change data in a Contact's custom data when a campaign is deployed.

Set Data Macros allow you to 'set', 'increment', or 'decrement' a value in a Contact's Custom Field when a campaign is deployed. A Set Data Macro can be run every time a List is deployed by setting the macro in the List Properties.  Alternately, you can select to use a Set Data Macro at campaign deployment time in the Deploy Campaign Wizard or Schedule Campaign wizard.

Accessing Set Data Macros

Set Data Macros are defined in the Contacts menu with the other Contact management functions.  To access, go to Contacts > Set Data Macros. This will open the Set Data Macros page.  From here you can choose to:

  • Add a new macro
  • Edit an existing macro
  • Delete a macro

The Set Data Macros page displays a list of the fields defined in the realm, and includes the following details for each field definition:


The name of the macro. 


A short description of the macro or its purpose.


Click the delete icon to remove the macro. 

You may sort the data in any of the columns by clicking the column header.

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