Clear Data on Import

Clear Data allows you to delete, drop, or truncate all data stored in a Table before importing new data.  It can only be completed during the Import process or via an API command.  

To Clear Data During Import

  1. Before you begin, ensure that the Clear Data option has been enabled for your table.  To do this, follow the steps to Edit Table and verify the Table settings.
  2. Go to CONTACTS > RELATIONAL TABLES to view the list of Tables.
  3. Locate the Table in the list, and then click IMPORT in the Actions column.  If the option is not available, then ensure the Table is setup correctly and click ACTIVATE.  Once Active, the IMPORT option should appear.
  4. In the first page of the Import Wizard, the Data Type and Table are already selected.  Select the Data Format and then select the File to import, and click NEXT.
  5. On the Field Mapping page, associate the Field from the import File to the Data Column in the table. 
  6. Select Clear Data.  If the option is not available, then it has not been enabled for the Table, and you must edit the table and then restart the import.
  7. Click NEXT to start the Clear Data and then Import process.

Once the Import is complete, you will receive and email notification indicating success or any errors encountered.  If errors do occur, you may go to TASKS > TASK HISTORY to see an error report.

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