Create Flat Table

A Table of type Flat is used to store data that is not unique per Contact, but still useful where the same data may be relevant to many Contacts. It eliminates the potential for redundant data.  It does not require a Foreign Key, but does require a Unique ID (Primary Key) for each row. 

To Create a Flat Table

  2. From the Relational Tables popup, select  Flat Type, then click SAVE to continue to the Add Table page.  Click CANCEL to return to the Relational Tables page.
  3. In the Add Table page, enter a Table Name.  The Table Name must be unique, 32 characters or less, and contain no spaces or special characters such as ^ ? % : | < > , ; & $ + = @ #.
  4. Enter a Description of the table.
  5. Select any combination of the Data Management options: Edit Data, Import, Export, Segmentation, Clear Data.  See Data Management Options for full details and considerations about each option.
  6. Click SAVE to save the new table and display the Edit Table page.  Click SAVE AND CLOSE to save the table and then return to the Relational Tables list.  Click CANCEL to close the page without creating the new table.

Once the table is created, you must Create a Column for a Unique identifier (Primary Key) before the table can be Activated.  Once activated, you can associate the Flat Table data to additional data via a Join Table.

For examples of some Flat Table relationships, see Data Schema Examples.

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