Export Data

Data stored in a table can be exported and viewed outside of the application. A table must be configured for export as well as each individual column expected in your exported file.

Currently the ability to include a list or segmentation rule is not available when exporting Relational Data. 


From the Relational Dashboard

To export from the Dashboard

  1. Go to Contacts > Relational Tables  then find the table from which to export data.
  2. Click the Export link next to the table intended for data export
  3. Verify the Data Type dropdown is set to Relational
  4. Verify the Table you click the export link to is identified in the Table dropdown.
  5. Set EXPORT NAME, indicate the File Format of the file by selecting the radio button, and click NEXT
  6. Verify the Date format
  7. Click SUBMIT


Confirmation Page

The confirmation page will display all the columns that will be included in your file exported.




Contact Wizard

To export from the Dashboard

  1. Go To Contacts > Contact Management > Export Contacts
  2. In the Data Type dropdown select RELATIONAL
  3. Select the table(s) to include in the export. 
  4. Follow steps 5 through 7 above



Retrieve the exported file from the File Manager. 

  1. Go to Reports > File Manager
  2. Click the name of the file created in the export steps.


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