Deploy Social Only Campaign

If you have defined Social Only posts in your Template, you can deploy a Social Only campaign. Before you can Deploy a Social Only Campaign, you must add your Social Provider and define your Social Media Post in your template.

To Deploy a Social Only Campaign

  1. Go to TASKS > DEPLOY CAMPAIGN to display the Deploy Campaign page.
  2. For Mailing Type, select Social Only. The wizard will refresh to reflect the options you may select.
  3. Select a List.  This will tell the system how to handle workflow, but no contacts will receive a message.  You may use a List that has 0 contacts. You may not select a Super List or a Sticky Campaign List.
  4. Select the Template you created with content in the Social tab.
  5. Select an Account Profile to use when filling the Account Profile tags in your content.  The Account Profile defined in the List is selected by default. If no Account Profile tags are defined in your content, you can skip this step.*
  6. Enter an optional Campaign Name to help you identify the campaign in later reports.
  7. Click NEXT.
  8. Enter an Email Address to use as a faux contact for the campaign.  This allows your template to display correctly if it contains any Template Tags or Contact specific content.  The email address you used to login to the platform will be used by default.
  9. Select the Social Provider Accounts you wish to publish to.  If you have multiple pages associated to one or more Facebook accounts, you may press the CTRL key and click to select multiple pages.
  10. Click NEXT.
  11. On the Confirmation page, verify you selections, including the Social Networks and the content that will be posted for each.  An example of the short URL will be displayed for each post.
  12. Click SEND. You will receive a confirmation email once the campaign is deployed and the campaign will appear in REPORTS > VIEW CAMPAIGNS.

At anytime throughout the wizard, you may click NEXT to continue to the next page of selections, click BACK to make changes on a previous page, or click CANCEL to close the wizard without deploying the campaign.

Deploy to Contacts and Social

If you want to send the campaign to both your contacts and post to your Social Networks, select the Mailing Type Normal, then select your list of contacts and the template.  As long as Social Only content has been defined in the template, the Deploy Campaign Wizard will prompt you to select which Social Networks to publish to.

Schedule Social Only Campaign

You may schedule a Social Only campaign by going to TASKS > CALENDAR and selecting Schedule Campaign Deployment.  The options are similar with the addition of options to set the date and time to deploy.


 *Account Profiles added in v12.02

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