Deploy Automation Campaign

Launch an Automation Campaign with the Deploy Campaign Wizard.  Before you can Deploy an Automation Campaign, you must create a List, add Contacts, create a Campaign, and any supporting items necessary to run the campaign, such as Template and/or List Definition. 

To Deploy an Automation Campaign

  1. Go to TASKS > DEPLOY CAMPAIGN to display the Deploy Campaign page.  The wizard will guide you through the options to send the campaign.
  2. For Mailing Type, select Marketing Automation. The wizard will refresh to reflect the options you may select.
  3. Select a Campaign definition from the Marketing Automation listbox.  All Automation Campaigns are displayed with their current status.  Attempting to deploy to an Inactive campaign will result in a Warning and you will be unable to continue.
  4. Select a List from the List Name listbox or by clicking BROWSE next to the listbox.  If you click Browse, the List Browse window will popup displaying all lists defined in the realm sorted by folder and list name. Click a List to select it and close the popup.
  5. Select an Account Profile to use when filling the Account Profile tags in your content.  The Account Profile defined in the List is selected by default. If no Account Profile tags are defined in your content, you can skip this step.*
  6. If you wish to target a specific segment of your list, select a Segmentation Rule from the Segmentation listbox or by clicking BROWSE next to the listbox.  If you click Browse, the Segmentation Rule Browse window will popup displaying all Segmentation Rules defined in the realm sorted by folder and list name. Click a Segmentation Rule to select it and close the popup.
  7. The Campaign Name field is available to set for Automation Campaigns, but will be ignored for reporting.  You can skip this field.
  8. Select the Format of the content you wish to send.
  9. Click NEXT
  10. On the Confirmation page, verify your selections and then click SEND to deploy the campaign. The Task Summary page will display the name of the List, the number of jobs ahead in the publishing queue, and the progress of the campaign as it is sending the messages.

At anytime throughout the wizard, you may click NEXT to continue to the next page of selections, click BACK to make changes on a previous page, or click CANCEL to close the wizard without deploying the campaign.

You will receive a confirmation email once the campaign is deployed and the campaign will appear in REPORTS > VIEW CAMPAIGNS

Warning Messages

Validation is performed upon selection of the Automation Campaign and then again when continuing to the next step of the wizard.  These warnings provide details as to the issue blocking you from continuing or possible problems that may occur while the campaign is running. 

Confirmation Page

The Confirmation page displays the selections you have made within the wizard as well as some of the properties from within your List. In addition, the Template, Subject, and From Address are displayed.  An potential issues will appear as warnings within the page.

Update Counts

The Confirmation page also displays the Number of Contacts, which is the total number of contacts in the selected List at the time the page is displayed.

Before you send the campaign, click UPDATE COUNTS to verify that the Number of Contacts displayed is near the number you are expecting.  This will calculate the number of contacts expected to receive the campaign based on the total contacts in the List minus the contacts removed by segmentation.

Deploy Campaign Wizard Variations

The Deploy Campaign Wizard for Automation Campaigns does not support Advanced Settings (Suppression, Seed, Throttling, Set Data Macros, or Limit).

Automation campaigns also do not support Deliverability seed lists, Fillin Fields, Workflow, and Social Network posting.

Schedule Campaigns

You may Schedule an Automation Campaign by going to TASKS > CALENDAR and selecting Schedule Campaign Deployment.  The options are similar with the addition of options to set the date and time to deploy.

 *Account Profiles added in v12.02

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