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The Dashboard was updated in version 9.0.  The following describes the prior dashboard.


When you first log in to the platform, the Dashboard or Home page is displayed.  This page provides overview details about the ten most recent campaigns in your realm as well as the number of campaigns and messages sent.

The Dashboard provides a simple overview of the most recent campaigns, quick calculations to compare the current and last month deployments, and allows you to easily check for scheduled events.

Accessing the Dashboard

To view the Dashboard, simply log into the system. The Dashboard will display by default. 

To get to the Dashboard while using the system, click the Dashboard button to the left of the Lists menu.

Recent Campaigns

When the Dashboard first displays, the Recent Campaigns are listed and a chart displays the hourly Opens (green line) and Clicks (blue line) for the last campaign sent.  This visual representation of clicks to opens allows you to easily see the engagement level of your campaigns.  Double click a campaign to view the full Campaign Details.

The last ten campaigns sent are listed below the chart.  Click a campaign to view the Opens and Clicks chart for the selected campaign. This campaign list displays the following details for each campaign: Date Sent, Campaign Alias, Sent, Opens, Clicks, Bounces, and Opt Outs. Click a column header to sort the columns in an ascending or descending order.  If a Campaign Alias has not been defined, the List and Template names are displayed in the Campaign Alias column.

Scheduled Events

At the top left of the page next to the Recent Campaigns button is the Scheduled Events button.  Click to display a list of scheduled calendar events for the current month.  Each event is displayed with Day (day of the month), Task Type, Description, Task or Report Name, and Repeat Frequency.

Monthly Comparison

The Monthly Comparison, only in versions prior to 9.0, displays summary data for the current calendar month and the last calendar month, including:

  • Campaigns - Total number of campaigns sent
  • Messages - Total number of email messages sent
  • Delivered - Percentage of messages sent minus total number of hard bounces divided by number of messages sent
  • Opened - Percentage of messages opened divided by number of messages delivered
  • Clicked - Percentage of click-throughs recorded divided by number of messages delivered

Quick Links

The Quick Links, only in versions prior to 9.0, allow you to access commonly used features of the platform including:


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