Active Subscribers Report


The Active Subscribers Report allows you to generate a report of subscribers who have clicked a link in a campaign within a date range.


The Active Subscribers Report returns a list of all subscribers who have clicked a link in a specified date range regardless of campaign date.   You can search for active subscribers by a specific list, or subscribers who have clicked a link in a campaign run from any list.

Generating an Active Subscribers Report

To run a report:

  2. Click RUN next to the Active Subscribers Report.
  3. Enter a Time Frame to search for events within the From and To date range.  Dates must be in mm/dd/yyyy format.  This searches for any click-through event, regardless of when the campaign was sent.
  4. Select an individual List Name, or select to report events from campaigns run for All Lists.
  5. Click NEXT.
  6. Select the Format of the file you wish to create: CSV (comma separated, for use in MS Excel), HTML, or XML.
  7. Enter a Report Name.  A default name will display, but you may wish to be more specific in order to find the report later.
  8. Click SUBMIT. The Task Summary page will display the progress of the report file creation.

When the report is complete, you will receive an email notification.  To access the report, go to REPORTS > FILE MANAGER, click the reports folder, and then click to select the file.

Active Subscribers Report Results

The results for the Active Subscribers Report includes the following details:

List Name of the list of subscribers


Subscriber email address


Subscriber activity status: Active, Inactive, or Passive depending on report

Last Event

Type of event tracked: Click or Open depending on report

Event Date

Date and time event occurred

Customer Key

Subscriber's unique identification (only available on some systems)

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