Opt Outs Report

Accessing the Opt Outs Report

The Opt Outs Report allows you to generate a report of contacts who have been opted out.  These opt outs may be contact generated -- from things like a click on an unsubscribe link or a hard bounce -- or generated by a platform administrator through the UI using features like Batch Unsubscribe or the Opt Out Wizard.  This report allows you to select the date range of when the opt out occurred and as well as choose opt outs from a specific List or all Lists in a Realm.  

The Opt Outs report is accessed from the Reports menu.  To access the Opt Outs report, go to Reports > Generate Report > Standard Report Library.  This will open the Standard Report page where you can find the Opt Outs report.

The file for the Opt Outs Report includes the following details:

List Name

Name of the List from which the Contact was opted out.

List ID

 Identification number of the List from which the Contact was opted out.


Contact email address.

Customer Key

Contact's unique identification (only available on some systems).

Event Date

Date and time opt out occurred.


How the opt out was generated.

Other Requirements

If you would like a List of all opt outs in your Realm, enter a From date that was before you started using the system (e.g. 01/01/2000) and leave the To Date blank.


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