Conversion Tracking allows you to report clicks from your campaign that convert to Sales and custom events on your site.

The Conversion Tracking feature allows you to track a click from your campaign all the way through to a sale or event on your web site, resulting in a Conversion that can be monitored in reports. This is accomplished by passing parameters to a web page where a custom image tag pulls an image from the Conversion Tracking server when the contact completes an action.

Although the most common use of Conversion Tracking is to track web sales events, its flexibility allows you to measure other events as well.  Custom event types can be created and tracked.  These additional events can track any page that a contact reaches on your website and be used to determine metrics such as web registration, cart abandonment, product interest, and simple page views.

Conversion Tracking is a tool that allows you to track activity on your site, associating your contact activity through your email campaigns.  When a contact clicks any link in a campaign email that lands on a page with a tracking image tag, the contact is directed to your site and the action is associated with the specific contact and campaign.  When a contact opens a new email message, the new activity will be associated to the new campaign.  

Accessing Conversion Tracking

Before using Conversion Tracking, the feature must be enabled for your Realm.  If you do not have access to manage your Realm settings, please contact your WhatCounts SAM or TAM to enable this feature.

If you have permission to edit the realm's advanced settings, go to CUSTOMER CENTER > REALM MANAGEMENT > EDIT REALM.  Select the "Conversion Tracking" option to enable it, then click UPDATE to save.  This option may not be visible unless you are on a Broadcaster system.

Once the feature is enabled, you can access Conversion Tracing configuration and reporting from REPORTS > CONVERSION TRACKING.

Setting Up Conversion Tracking

To configure your realm to successfully track conversion data, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Configure custom Conversion Tracking Event Types for tracking
  2. Define Column Aliases for reporting
  3. Add the Conversion Tracking URL(s) to your site
  4. Create a template and run a campaign to Test the Conversion Tracking setup.

View statistics and create reports in View Statistics and  Download Data.  You can also Create a Segmentation Rule based on Conversion Tracking Events. 

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