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The Add PowerURL page allows you to define a set of Codes to track a single URL.

To Create a PowerURL

  1. Go to Reports > Event Tracking > PowerURLs.
  2. Click Add PowerURL.  This will display the Add PowerURL page.
  3. Set the fields:
    1. Code: Enter a short name for the PowerURL.  The length should be limited to no more than 16 characters.  Do not use spaces or special characters other than underscore (_).  The Code will appear in PowerURL as the 'c' parameter.  For example: 2013Free
    2. Group: Enter a description for the collection of PowerURLs that will use this Code.  This might be related to the Campaign series you will run or a special promotion, such as: Free Shipping.
    3. Active:  Select to activate the PowerURL(s) and collect tracking data.  If not active, no click-through data will be tracked, and clicks will be routed to the Error Page.  An inactive URL is not publicly accessible, but is still available for reporting and editing.
    4. URL: The fully qualified URL of the landing page to track, such as:
    5. Error Page: Landing page URL to display if the PowerURL cannot resolve, such as when the it is inactive, for example:
    6. Batch Creation: To create multiple Codes to uniquely track the URL, select 'Create Multiple Entries'. 
    7. Enter the Number to create, between 2 and 100. 
    8. Enter the number at which to Start the Sequence.   In general, you would start at 0 or 1.  This incremented number is appended to the Code for every unique PowerURL created in the batch, such as 2013Free0, 2013Free1, 2013Free2, etc.
  4. Click SAVE to create the new PowerURL(s). Click CANCEL to return to the PowerURLs list without saving the new definition.

When you create the PowerURLs, the new Code(s) will appear in the PowerURLs page in alphanumeric order by Code.

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